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All our bespoke courses work on smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, macs
Reliable customised e-learning and m-learning (app development)
Custom learning management systems (lms)
Reporting on users and usage

We are an e-learning and communications company that produce cost effective learning programs.

Our solutions include rapid e-learning, bespoke e-learning, mobile, learning management systems, training / consultancy.

We make your goals our goals, to ensure the desired results from the training are met.

RJA Learning Ltd is an e-learning company in the UK that has been one of the key drivers for some of the latest learning technologies.

As one of the forefront e-learning companies in the UK, we have time again proved our worth to clients with our solutions.

RJA can cover all requirements in e-learning training, whether this be a rapid creation of an LMS or quickly providing smart, top quality training to go on your existing LMS. We also specialise in "rescue jobs" where you may have a tight deadline looming, little resource or budget and need people who can reliably get the job done, in whatever you program in. As can be seen on our What we program in page, we program in all the main tools and languages used in the e-learning industry and are very likely to be able to provide assistance.

"Competitively priced e-learning and communications on all devices"