Our select team have worked in the e-learning industry for many years and are always utilising the very latest technology. Our high level of technical competence combined with sound theories of instructional design lead to effective training solutions.


Management Team

Rupert Abel BA(Hons)
Managing Director
Analysis, Instructional Design, Programming and Project Management

Rupert has a BA in Economics and has worked in the e-learning industry for seventeen years. He has designed and programmed e-learning solutions in a wealth of different technologies.

Rupert has many years experience of the design, development and implementation of learning/training resources in all sectors.

Andrew Jackson BA(Hons)
Creative Director
Creative Development, Programming and Project Management

Andrew has a BA in Industrial Design and now has 20 years experience working in multimedia e-learning development.

Andrew has been involved in graphics, interface analysis and design, animations and multimedia development since 1997.

Over the last eight years, Andrew has furthered his career by progressing into e-learning programming and web design.